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Luetrell T.

Vagastar gym by far is the best home gym/personal training studio experience that I’ve experienced. And I’ve seen some good ones. Jason Vaga has designed a space that’s perfect for an efficient work out. I especially like the fact that it’s surrounded by natural light and fresh air. It feels like I’m working out in a park but with top of the line gym equipment. Jason allows you to customize your music to whatever you want and offers cold refreshments which are nice touches.

And as far as the workout itself, for my goals it’s perfect. We get just enough different exercises in during our hour that I see the results that I want. Jason is big on measuring progress over time but he also reminds me of the importance of focusing on one rep at a time. His mantra is “we gotta get better.” Jason is a great motivator as well which as just as important in my opinion as knowing about fitness. He’s constantly reminding me to trust the process, focus on having a great workout during our session, and fun during the journey. The results will come. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a West Los Angeles location with a personal touch.

David Bruyette

Jason is a great trainer and an even better person. He will help you meet your physical goals in a professional and inviting atmosphere. Join today!!

James Biggs

Jason is the best! He helped me get back in shape when I was pretty much at an all-time low point in my physical fitness. Jason’s patience and coaching were instrumental to my path back towards a healthy lifestyle founded upon safe and effective methodology.

Carla T.

I love working out with Jason. I don’t like working out but Jason makes it fun and I actually look forward to working out with him! I could see results so quickly–he really motivates me and gets me going! He is by far the best trainer I have ever had!

Holli B.

Best gym I’ve ever worked out at. Jason really knows his stuff. I trust him and you should too. On a friends recommendation I tried it out and I’m so happy I did.

Michael Bell

Easily the best gym in all of LA County. I travel over 20 miles 3-5 times per week just to work out with LA’s #1 trainer, Jason Vaga. He is a master of everything fitness, wellness, and nutrition. The equipment is new, his facility is private, and the attention paid to each person is priceless. I highly recommend this gym!

Rick Morrison

Jason is the ROCKSTAR of Trainers!  He tortures you as needed to get the results YOU know YOU want but might be afraid you can’t attain!  He walks the walk and takes his own fitness seriously and can help you with diet suggestions and all the other things that will assist in shaping your physique!  I would give 6 stars if possible!  Call Jason TODAY!

Cyril V.

Jason Vaga… works hard to sync w/ his clients needs. 70 year old man, never felt better training w/ Jason! He knows just the right amount of work, weight, effort to make the sessions productive. Never had more energy and strength… even when I was a 30-something!

Simin H.

I highly recommend the personal trainer Jason Vaga , he is professional, very supportive, fun to work with and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results you achieve after a short time working out.