Easing back into your routine

If you’re like most people, you probably over-ate and had more than a few drinks over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Like most people, the festivities likely kept you busy with little time to work out. That’s normal and it’s more than okay. Everyone deserves to let loose every now and then, especially during the holidays. It’s nothing to feel guilty over and you certainly don’t need to rush right back into your workouts full bore. In fact, you should definitely not overdo it.

For one, rushing into a hard workout immediately after the holiday binge will not undo everything right away. Secondly, you’re only increasing risk for injuries. Thirdly, your regular routine is not only sufficient, it is probably a little more difficult given the few days off and extra calories consumed. Gauge how your body feels without going by the metrics of added weight or extra reps. Your body will know how much and when is enough.

(Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash)