Your Trainer is More Than a Trainer

Being a personal trainer has many responsibilities, ones that go beyond fitness. As a certified personal trainer with a degree in physical education and extensive experience, I know I could get my clients in tip-top physical shape. Fitness is the easy part. After all, it is simply a matter of devising a sensible workout routine and adjusting it as the client becomes more fit by increasing reps and/or weight. Of course, you shake things around once in a while to offset acclimation.

Again, fitness is the easy part. It is also arguably a small part. As a personal trainer, I am also a motivator, problem solver, life coach, confidant, friend, and often even a therapist. Many clients come with a fitness goal, but they also use that time to blow off steam or vent. Everyone almost always have something to get off their chest. Doing so during a workout might seem like a good time for that. So I listen.

And I gauge what the client needs. Sometimes they need motivating and encouraging. Or they need advice and coaching. Usually, they just need a friend. Even thought my specialty is fitness, my skill is people. You don’t need a psychology degree, just compassion and being observant. So I invite you to come join me at Vagastar Gym.

(Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash)