Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

The focus for Vagastar Gym is fitness and health. We work out to get the best out of ourselves. That means physically as well as mentally, because the mind is also a muscle that has to be exercised to run optimally. Just like physical activities, mental exercises are skills that could be developed through practice.

The greatest mental routine you could start doing and begin reaping the benefits right away is gratitude. Being grateful takes practice, but you could build it up like you do any muscle. You will get better over time. The energy and positivity that it provides you is exponential. Gratitude is the lubricant for life. It offers perspective and keeps you anchored to life’s most important things–things that are beyond materialism or social status.

The beauty of gratitude is that it is all internal. Everyone is capable of gratitude. Look within and you will see that you already have everything.

But if you need a point of reference, then just look around you. Realize what miracles have to have happened to bring you to where you are. Do you have a roof over your head, the ability to eat when you’re hungry, clothes on your back? Do you have the luxury to exercise for health? Friends, family, loved ones? People who support, encourage, push you? There is always something to be grateful for. If you’re able to read this, case in point.

You know what’s equally important to be grateful for what you have? It is to be grateful for what you don’t have. Then you don’t have to squander energy and time worry about what isn’t there, so you could concentrate on what is already here.